It's Time for Climate Action

What if, instead of counting down the time we have left before the climate crisis is irreversible, we counted ourselves in to take climate action?

Stop pointing fingers, start taking action

None of us - individuals, companies, or politicians - can solve the crisis alone. That’s why we launched the Time for Climate Action campaign in 2021 as a connection point between each of these groups, allowing us to make change happen together.

Step by step towards a more sustainable world

We believe time, not money, is the most powerful resource that we all have. And although time is running out, we can still use it wisely. For example, it takes...

  • 1 minute to sign a petition

  • 1 hour to chat with colleagues about workplace sustainability

  • 1 month to launch a joint climate project

  • 1 year to push an ambitious bill into legislation

We don’t need to do it all at once, let's start step-by-step!

What if millions would start to take small steps today?

For many years, the discussion around climate action has centered around the old chicken and egg question: whose contributions matter more and who should move first — organizations or individuals, companies or customers? We believe we need the involvement of everyone — top to bottom and everything in between. And it’s time to act together!

As a catalyst for progress, business has a key role to trigger exactly this kind of collaboration, but only if they work together with others. Of course, individually getting to zero carbon is essential, but the reality of our times demands greater ambition from us. So, what more can we do?

Imagine every company leaving our world better because their business is in it. From adopting regenerative business models through empowering suppliers and communities to helping customers take climate action.