About us

We believe in collective action

There is no winner unless we all cross the finish line together. Working as a collective is needed to make a difference that our planet can feel.

What is the goal of this campaign?

Put simply, our goal is to reach 100 million people and help them take quick, but highly impactful, actions.

TFCA is a joint effort between 400+ tech companies from Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, the UK, and Australia that want to walk the talk. Channeling their combined global reach, we bring people to this page, motivate them to take action and, ultimately, move one step closer to global Net Zero.

So how does it work?

Each year, the campaign launches on Earth Day, then keeps on running for the 364 days after that. TFCA takes place independently in different countries and at different times of the year, plus our webpage stays online all year long.

Within the campaign, participating companies not only share the tfca.earth page with their customers and subscribers, but engage their own team members and suppliers in climate action, create educational materials for their sector, run tree-planting campaigns, and more.

Who’s behind this campaign?

We are lfca.earth, an organization based in Berlin. Being 100% non-profit, our only goal and priority is to make a significant, measurable contribution to climate action. We act as a global community of digital companies united by the will to tackle climate change through our own and bold actions.

The campaign has been organized and implemented by our core team at LFCA and countless volunteers, interns, freelancers, and translators. They all deserve special thanks for their work - without them, this campaign would not have been possible: Aileen McKay, Alin Sezen, Alizé Monville, Cenap Biyikli, Chris Johnson, Therese Sivertsson, Vincent Touati Tomas, Yvonne Rosenbaum-Afra, and the ILV creative agency team who helped us to develop a great campaign video.

Last but not least, we are also grateful for our ecosystem partners - networks, platforms, and leading advocacy initiatives that helped us to take this campaign to a whole new level: ActNow UN, Count Us In, Playing for Planet, Work for the Climate, and dozens more.

Transparency is key

We believe that imperfect action is much better than perfect inaction and that transparency is key. While many companies do not yet live up to the expectation of a “net positive” future, they have all pledged to minimize their carbon footprint, put sustainability goals high on their agenda. Plus, they’re contributing to global net zero in various ways and have a clear climate protection strategy for the rest of the year.

The companies involved in this campaign are publicly and transparently disclosing all of these efforts on the campaign page.

Want to join the movement?

Today, it is Time for Climate Action! This campaign is just a first step - but we hope it inspires you to do much more.

Are you an individual? Then take action through our platform and if you want to bring it to the next level, download the AWorld app from the ActNow campaign of the UN. Plus, help us spread the word: talk to your people, share the page and encourage them to take action!

Are you a company? If you like what you see and wish to move beyond “net zero”, join LFCA - a community of like-minded organizations.